Who’s the Bad Guy?

Politics and government are essential for our society in order to form a lawful and productive community. However, there are times where the orderly conduct of the government can step on our toes and prove a nuisance. Many people would love to be left alone with a laissez-faire attitude, others are insistent on enforcing codes and rules on our community. Perhaps there is a healthy balance of both that needs to be integrated into our lives?

“Law and order” is not always a black and white issue. In fact, there are many different factors that contribute into what constitutes a criminal and a law-abiding citizen. There may be everyday things we all do that’s in the least sense a little bit illegal, for example, throwing a gum wrapper away but missing the trashcan could be considered littering. A criminal is someone who takes the law with a grain of salt and does whatever they believe or wish. Note that this is not synonymous with being a bad person. A person could develop bad habits or good habits depending on the way they grew up and how they were raised. A law abiding citizen takes legality seriously, following what the law has to tell them. A law abiding citizen is also not synonymous with being a good person. How can we be so sure that we are judging these people correctly?

A private investigator spies on someone from a distance.

Politics can bring out the true colors of our criminals and law abiding citizens. In the United States, they are judged on the system of innocent until proven guilty. The jury along with the judge have the ability to lock someone away or give them a second chance. Too many distrust the political system with conspiracy accusations and because some politicians are inept of handling classified information. It’s always the left vs the right and one seems to always be wrong. The people’s voice, along with the guidance of the government, is supposed to provide a stable and trusting society. It’s unfortunate that we have created a divide among ourselves because of our beliefs instead of coming together to celebrate our differences. There is always a way to find out a person’s true intentions.

Private investigation has made it’s debut in 1833. This specific profession has become known all over the world with the responsibility of discovering the truth. There are a wide array of private investigators that occur on local, state, or federal cases. Their license states that as a professional, they know what’s best for all types of situations. However, the question comes up again of how do we know we’re judging these people correctly? For example, a reputable PI firm in Georgia could be involved in a candy robbery case. This private investigator will be able to collect clues and hints on details of this case involving questions such as, what was the motive, who was involved, is there a pattern? Only through intensive schooling and following the law, did this person realize that it was all a setup.

Balance is essential to keeping a society strong and united. The government of the United States is run with a democracy, the government derives its consent from the governed, which is us. Through an everlasting bond of trust can we believe the government is doing a fair job. Law and order is a key aspect in preventing chaotic attitudes from disrupting day to day lives. Politicians are needed for their expertise and guidance of economics. There are those who do not always believe the government to be trusting, which also has its benefits. A true government knows the risks of delving too deep into power, the constitution realizes that the people need their own voice. The people refuse to be silenced, and that is a beauty of our country. There are many voices that will not be overthrown and taken advantage of during its time of peace. If we can all learn to have a healthy balance of both, we can learn to work with our government like we once did.

Private investigation has brought to politics a fresh and intensive way of discovering the criminal and the law-abiding citizen. Having a healthy balance of trust and distrust can communicate a feeling of safety and belief that we are all doing the right thing. We can’t always decide the difference of separate people, but we do the best with what we have. Hopefully, we will realize one day, that the key is remaining calm and well balanced.

– Mike

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