About this site

Mike Hahn on vacation in a swimming pool.
Hi, I’m Mike!

It may seem strange to find a website on the Internet focused on politics and private investigation, but it might make a bit more sense after you learn about the author, Mike Hahn.

Mike lives in Nebraska with his wife and daughter. Since 2002 he’s been fascinated with the topic of corruption in politics, and this website is where he likes to publish his thoughts and his work. With the recent 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, this topic has been getting a lot of popular media attention as well.

It is Mike’s belief that private investigations are necessary to rebuild the public’s trust in government.

“Transparency from within is a myth, give the public access to all information and we shall doubt no more.” -Mike Hahn

Personal Life

Mike is an avid swimmer and outdoorsman. He prefers to be around (most) animals compared to humans. He loves his family and puts them first in life.